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All About Clip-In Hair Extensions

All About Clip-In Hair Extensions

Donna Bella
3 minute read

Clip-In Hair Extensions: 101

Clip-in hair extensions are one of the easiest and most popular hair extension methods available. Whether you’re looking for versatility, comfort, or a reliable ready-to-wear option, clip-in extensions are definitely worth checking out. But how do clip-ins compare to other hair extension methods? We’ll break it all down here.

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What are Clip-In Hair Extensions?

So just what are clip-in extensions? These removable and reusable extensions attach to your hair with pressure clips. They’re easy to attach and remove, blend in seamlessly with your natural hair, and come in a variety of styles, lengths and colors.

What we really love about clip-ins is that they come ready-to-wear, so there’s no need for a trip to the salon! You can easily install them yourself in minutes to add dimension without making a huge commitment.

Want to add bright stripes of color for a one-time look? Or are you looking for soft highlights to blend in with your natural color? Clip-ins are a great, easy alternative to more involved methods like tape-in and fusion extensions.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Come in Wefts, Not Strands

Clip-in hair is sold in wefts instead of individual strands. Since there is more hair on each weft, each piece covers a wider area of the head.

Wefts cause less overall strain than individual strand extensions, which makes them particularly great for thinner, more easily damaged hair. With clip-ins, installation time is also significantly less than fusion or beaded methods.

How Long Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Last?

With proper care, clip-in hair extensions last up to 6 months if worn regularly and even longer if worn only occasionally. Regular maintenance, combined with quality hair care, makes these extensions ideal for a lasting look.

Clip-ins can be used as many times as you see fit. When not in use, make sure to store your extensions on the extension hanger provided so they don’t get dirty or damaged. That way, they’ll be ready for use whenever you need them.

How to Install Clip-In Extensions

Single clip-in hair extensions offer a no stress installation method for any skill level. Clip-in installation is a snap – literally! No tools, chemicals, or glue required. You can install them yourself, wherever and whenever you want.

Clip-In extensions come in various weft sizes for easy row-by-row installation.

  • Start with clean hair. Your clip-ins should be clean and ready to wear.
  • Choose the length and volume that you want. Determine how much hair you need ahead of time to avoid overspending or not having enough hair to blend for a natural look.
  • Clip the weft along a row of parted hair.
  • Reposition the clip if needed.

Don’t worry too much about making a mistake as you clip the extensions in your hair, since they can be easily removed and repositioned during the installation process. When you’re finished wearing your extensions, simply unclip and store for another day!

See For Yourself!

Ready to try clip-ins for yourself? To see the colors, lengths, and styles of our clip-in extensions, and experience the Donna Bella difference, head on over to our clip-in page!

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