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Hair Loss and Thinning Hair: Solutions with Hair Extensions

Hair Loss and Thinning Hair: Solutions with Hair Extensions

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Are you struggling with hair loss or thinning hair? You’re not alone. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women have visible hair loss by the age of 40.

This experience can impact a woman’s self-image and confidence. Here at Donna Bella Hair®, our mission is to help empower women to feel and look their best. So, our hope is that the information, resources and tools shared here can help anyone who is struggling with changes to hair health.

Normal vs. Abnormal Hair Shedding

Shedding is normal, and you probably notice this when you comb, brush and wash your hair, or even when you go to style it or put it up.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, the normal amount of hair loss from daily shedding is around 50-100 hairs. If you are seeing more than the average amount of hair shedding (125 hairs or more per day), you will probably notice:

  • More hair that falls out daily on your brush, floor, shower, or pillowcase
  • Noticeable patches of thinner hair 
  • The ability to see more of your scalp than you used to
  • A hair part that is widening
  • A smaller ponytail

What can cause hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by a number of different factors.

  • Aging
  • Post-pregnancy or menopausal hormones
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Side effects from medications
  • Using harsh chemicals on your hair
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Extreme stress
  • Abnormal thyroid
  • Genes
  • Autoimmune skin disease (alopecia)

What should I do if I’m experiencing hair loss?

Meet with your healthcare provider to diagnose and categorize your hair loss to understand what may be causing it. Your doctor or dermatologist may do some tests to help learn more. Keep in mind that meeting with a doctor earlier rather than later can have a positive impact on treating whatever is causing your hair loss.

Health History 

When you meet with your doctor, he or she may want to know some detailed information about your health to better understand the hair loss. Be prepared to talk about your daily habits like hair product use and styling, diet and protein intake, previous healthy concerns or hair loss, stress levels, medications used, family history of hair loss, changes in hair loss, and/or hair loss in places other than the scalp (such as eyebrows, eyelashes, leg or arm hair).  

How are hair extensions used to help with hair loss?

Hair extensions may be a great solution for you. We are here to help and empower you to look and feel your absolute best. That’s why we provide the highest quality hair extensions in a number of different methods so that you can find what works well for you and feels the most comfortable. To begin using hair extensions, there are two important steps:

  • Work with a certified stylist to choose the best hair extension method for your situation.

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  • Get an accurate color match.

More About Color Matching

How much coverage do you need?

Every hair loss scenario is unique. Be sure to talk to your doctor, dermatologist and hair stylist if you think you are experiencing hair loss. Your stylist will work with you to determine which method is the best fit for you.

Kera-Link Extensions

Most often, our stylists recommend Kera-Link (Fusion) extensions for thinning hair because this method gives a strand-by-strand approach. The bonds for each strand can be cut down (by a half or even a third) to create very small installation points which are easily camouflaged into the natural hair.

  • Why Kera-Link (Fusion) works great for thinning hair:
  • Microbonds are great for hairlines, partings or fillers.
  • Small micro bonds are nearly undetectable in the natural hair.
  • It is our longest lasting method with 12-16 weeks between move-ups!
  • Kera-Link offers full 360-degree movement.
  • This method is the easiest to customize, where each strand can be cut for a seamless blend and install.
  • The customizable tip size means your stylist can adjust as needed. 

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Tape-Ins Extensions

Tape-In extensions are another great method for full coverage. They blend well with your natural hair and can be customized with single or double wefts.  

Why Tape-Ins can work well for thinning hair:

  • Wefts provide great coverage and volume.
  • Your stylist can customize the placement of each weft.
  • Customizable with a single or double sided weft.
  • They’re easy and fast to install.
  • They’re available in textured options (both curly and wavy)

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Hybrid Wefts Extensions

Hybrid Wefts are another great method if you need volume and coverage. Wefts can also be cut to the size needed without any unraveling. Each weft is machine bonded and lays seamlessly against the scalp like a hand-tied weft. Some stylists will stack multiple wefts on one row of beads to help give additional volume.

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Talk to your stylist about what will work best for you.

Temporary Hair Extension Options

Are you looking for an option that you can put on and take off whenever you want? Our Ready-to-Wear methods give you the option to add volume in minutes and to change up your look without booking an appointment at the salon. They are ready to wear right out of the package!

How to know if Ready-to-Wear is a good fit for you:

  • You prefer an option you can install yourself as opposed to going to the salon.
  • You want the flexibility of installing, adjusting and removing the extensions any time, including removing them when you sleep, go swimming, or work out.

Halos® install in just 2 minutes and are a preferred option if you have a sensitive scalp. You can choose from two different densities– Regular or Deluxe– depending on your natural hair thickness.

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Clip-Ins only take about 15 minutes to install and you can customize where you want to place each clip. They are versatile, easy to put on and take off, and also come in multiple weights. The Regular density is great for thin or medium hair; the Deluxe density is recommended for thick hair, or an extra boost of volume for medium or thin hair.

Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss 

It’s common for women to experience changes to their hair and possible hair loss after pregnancy due to fluctuations in hormones. Post-pregnancy hair loss can occur anywhere from 1-5 months after giving birth and in many cases it will resolve on its own within 6 months to a year. For moms who seem to be losing more hair than usual or whose hair is thinning significantly, wearing extensions may be a great solution for you, 

Other ways to keep your hair healthy:

  • Keep heat styling to a minimum.
  • Eat a balanced diet of unprocessed foods.
  • Use sulfate and paraben free products.
  • Reduce stress and prioritize rest and rejuvenation.

Women hold hair showing hair extension

Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair 

Whether you’re dealing with alopecia, stress, post-COVID hair loss, aging hair loss, or the result of illness or medication side effects, extensions may be able to help.

It’s best to work with your stylist to create a customized, targeted installation that meets your specific needs. 

Want to learn more about all of the methods before you meet with your stylist to discuss options? Check out this comparison table.

Choosing the Right Method

Other Tips for What to Do if You Have Thinning Hair

In addition to using extensions to help curb your hair loss, consider taking these steps:

  • See a specialist (doctor or dermatologist) who treats hair loss as soon as possible. The earlier you can understand your situation and start treatment, the sooner you can start to address it.
  • Reduce stress with practices like meditation or yoga.
  • Speak with your doctor about nutrition and supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals.
  • Avoid wearing high ponytails or hairstyles that pull and tug on hair. 
  • Stimulate your scalp while brushing and while shampooing.

Hair Extensions

Can I still wear extensions if I have a sensitive scalp?

Yes! If you are looking for a temporary solution or method, our Halo® is a great option for you. For semi-permanent extensions, consult with your stylist to find the best pro method solution for you.

Halos® are a fast, easy-to-install option that you can put on yourself at home.  

  • Single weft that rests on your head like a headband
  • Made with an adjustable nylon wire
  • Causes no damage to thin or fragile hair
  • Choose between Regular or Deluxe based on your hair density

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Can hair extensions cause hair loss?

If properly installed by a certified hair stylist who specializes in hair extensions, and with proper maintenance, hair extensions shouldn’t cause hair loss. Make sure to work with your stylist for the best method that works with your natural hair and hair density, and be sure to take breaks from professional methods now and then. You can use Ready-to-Wear options (Clip-Ins or Halos®) for the in-between times when you still want volume.

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