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How to Amp Up Your Look with Hair Extensions

How to Amp Up Your Look with Hair Extensions

Donna Bella
2 minute read

As much as we hear, “new hair, new me,” you would think people would act on it more. I mean, think about how confident and beautiful you feel when you leave the salon! And with hair extensions you can transform your look even more.

If you have short hair, why not go long? If you’ve always coveted a hair color, why not go for it? Let’s get started on a head to toe transformation--literally.

Using Hair Extensions to Add Length & Volume

The number one reason for hair extensions is to add length. However, you don’t have to go super long, you’ll be surprised at the difference a couple of added inches will make.

Donna Bella Hair extensions range from 12 inches to 22 inches. If you’re not into length as much as you’re into volume, adding a pack or two will give you just what you need. But you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a full head of hair extensions. 


Revamp Your Color with Hair Extensions

Ditch your old monochromatic color for one of the biggest color trends right now, like a rooted ombre or balayage.

There are eight ombre colors to choose from and with a wide selection of colors, you can create your own custom balayage with lowlights and highlights.

Donna Bella Hair makes it easier to add these colors without processing your hair through chemicals, keeping your natural hair safe and healthy. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Ready to commit to your makeover? Purchase your hair extensions todayvisit a Donna Bella Hair Certified stylist near you. Make sure to hashtag #donnabellahair with your new transformation so we can feature your Donna Bella look on our social media pages!

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