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How to Care for Your Curly and Wavy Extensions

How to Care for Your Curly and Wavy Extensions

Donna Bella
4 minute read

This fall season, your hair is all about YOU: your natural style and unique look. Those of us with curls and waves know that sometimes our hair has a personality of its own. If you’ve got your fresh DBH Texture Tape-Ins, curly or wavy I-Links or Kera-Links installed,

it’s important that you have the right tools to go forward with confidence in your new locks. Read on for frequently asked questions and the answers based on top professional hair stylists. 

How often do I wash curly and/or wavy hair extensions? 

Textured extensions should be washed less frequently than straight ones.Why? textured hair is more susceptible to dryness. To protect the integrity of your natural hair and extensions, you’ll want to reduce the amount of strain that washing and products may bring. For curly and wavy extensions, only wash your hair 1-2 times per week. 

What products should I use on my curls and/or waves? 

Sulfate-free products will give your textured hair some much-needed moisture.
Looking for some recommendations? Here are our favorites:

  • Kenra Pro Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner: This premium shampoo and conditioner targets damaged hair cuticles, restores broken hair bonds and restores smooth, supple shine. 
  • Kenra Pro Nourishing Masque: This hair masque replenishes moisture, rejuvenates dry hair and gives your locks a radiant shine. Treat your hair with a healthy dose of hydration with this product. 
  • Kenra Pro Moisturizing Oil: See a trend here with our recommended products? Moisture is key. This oil product also comes in handy when you’re drying your hair with any type of heat, thanks to thermal protection.

What is the best way to brush my curly and/or wavy extensions? 

DBH’s Wide Tooth Comb is a curl’s best friend. No pulling or yanking, no feeling defeated or frustrated. We recommend detangling your hair in the shower while you use conditioner. Once the tangles are out, rinse your hair and let air dry.

Another option is to simply spray your hair with water until it’s damp before taking a comb to your curls or waves. 

How do I style my curly and/or wavy hair?

One great thing about naturally curly or wavy hair is that it lends itself to stand out styling. 

When rocking your strands, we recommend allowing your hair to air dry (remember, curly and wavy hair is more susceptible to dryness and adding heat isn’t doing your hair any favors). If you need your hair ready to go now, a diffuser is the next best option for curl enhancing and volume. 

Also, pair your extensions and natural hair with premium products and always look for ones that are sulfate-free. 

What should I avoid with my textured hair? 

  1. Do not go to bed with your hair wet. Going to bed with wet hair roughens up the cuticles of both your natural hair and extensions. Plus, the curls or waves may prematurely fall or lose their coveted bounciness.

    What’s a better option? Wrap dry hair in silk or sleep on a DBH Silk Pillowcase. 

  2. Do not use heat. Our textured hair extensions are set using a cooking process placed on custom curl rods that hold the curl in place without using any chemicals. This ensures your extensions are high-quality and will maintain their integrity. Applying heat to them may lead to curls or waves to fall or lose their overall texture.
  3. Do not choose texture extensions if you plan to straighten your hair often. If you straighten your curly or wavy extensions, they’ll lose their pattern.

Haven’t purchased your textured extensions yet and need help on where to start? All strands are unique, so first, let’s find the right fit. Check out our blog post, “What is the difference between curly and wavy hair?” 

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