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How to Color Match Extensions to Balayage, Ombre and Rooted Hair

How to Color Match Extensions to Balayage, Ombre and Rooted Hair

Rachel Koontz
5 minute read

You can find Balayage, Ombre and Rooted hair color trends everywhere– with your fashionable friends, your favorite powerhouse stylist at the salon, and while browsing trends on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

If you’ve ever tried these popular hair color styles, you know the boost of confidence that comes with naturally beautiful highlights and that added glow they give to your hair.

Whether you’ve tried them or not, there’s a new way to achieve those looks… with hair extensions! 

- Add length, volume, or both!

- Fill in thinning hair areas

- Revive your color without damaging your natural hair

- Extend the time between color appointments

- Change your color or add dimension

- Create a voluminous look for a special occasion

- Feel vibrant and fresh without a long-term color commitment 

Benefits of using extensions for Balayage, Ombre or Rooted

Here are some of our favorite reasons to use extensions for a change to your hair color:

- Extensions are non-damaging. If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals or bleach on your hair, or if you have existing damage and brittleness from previously dying your hair, extensions will help keep your natural hair healthy and shiny while you add dimension and depth to your hair. Extensions provide a great option for color without commitment.

- Extensions give you dimension, depth and gorgeous hair movement. One of the best parts is how easy they are to use for creating a seamless blend. Balayage extensions, Rooted extensions, and Ombre extensions come pre-blended and they make for an easy, soft, subtle grow-out stage.

- Balayage, Ombre and Rooted extensions work well with existing color. Do you already have highlights, lowlights or an existing root smudge, but don’t want to keep adding color to your hair? Extensions are the perfect option. Work with your stylist to determine which color, method and length is best for you, and remember that you may end up wanting to buy multiple shades for the best blend.

Need some help figuring out how to choose which extensions will work best for you? Let's walk through the process of how to get the perfect color match for a seamless blend.

What’s your desired look?

Your existing root color and length can help you determine whether you should lean towards a solid color for your hair extensions, or toward a blended color like Ombre, Rooted or Balayage. 

Here are some ideas to try if your root color is high up on your head (2” or less):

- Use a solid extension color and color match to your ends.

- Use a Rooted Ombre extension, where the color transition begins about 1-2” down the hair, and color match to your roots.

- Use a Balayage blend for natural-looking dimensional color.

If your root color is down lower (past your ear), you’re a great candidate for:

- Ombre extensions which you’d color match to your root.

- Balayage extensions if you want a more highlighted, sunkissed effect.

Color matching if you have pre-existing highlights

If you have highlighted hair, a great option is to use 2 or more shades of extensions for a more seamless blend. Say you have a custom Balayage that features more prominent highlights– this would be a perfect example of bringing in 2 or more colors to help with blending.

If you find that the tones of the extensions are slightly off, you can also work with your hair stylist to tone the extensions. We recommend a DBH certified stylist who is familiar with our products and can custom color the extensions and tone them to match your color perfectly.

Using Balayage Hybrid Wefts for natural-looking highlights  

Here’s an example of how we used 22” Hybrid Wefts to create a multidimensional effect and a natural, seamless blend. 

This look was created with 3 different shades: 

- A bottom row of Balayage #2-6/10.

- A middle row and top row of Dark Chestnut/Medium Ash #6/10 sandwiched on top of Rooted Ombre #6-12/600

Hybrid Wefts are a stylist-preferred method

The wefts can easily be customized and cut to fit your exact head shape. Because they are machine sewn, there is no unraveling or use of adhesives. They also mimic a hand-tied design that allows them to be stacked to match the density of your hair while still providing comfort and a natural blend. 

Curious to learn more about why you might choose Hybrid Wefts as your method of choice? Here’s another blog post with more information about Hybrid Weft hair extensions and their benefits.

How Hybrid Wefts work

Each weft is sewn onto a row of silicone beads with a needle and thread. Hybrid Wefts add volume without bulk and they offer full 360-degree hair movement, meaning you can easily style your hair up or down without worrying about the attachment points showing.

Stylist Tips for Balayage and Ombre Extensions

- Stacking Rows: If you want to build natural dimension, using 2 or more colors can give a great blend that adds depth and movement to the hair. This can be done by stacking two different colors or alternating colors on rows.

- Toning: When toning extensions, deposit only! Avoid applying lightener. Instead, to customize and color match, deposit color or tone with semi- or demi-permanent shades.

Still need help choosing your extensions?

We’d love to help! You can contact us for personalized assistance. Call or text us at (888) 424-7548 or send an email to

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