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How to elevate short hair with Donna Bella Hair Extensions

How to elevate short hair with Donna Bella Hair Extensions

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When “hair extensions” comes to mind, you might picture thick, luscious locks that hang past your jean pockets. Those insta-worthy hairstyles on social media are booming, and we’re here for it. But while we love hair extensions for length, they can transform all types of styles, including short hair.

How to use hair extensions with short hair

First, let’s address the myth that hair extensions are only good for length. It’s fake news. Did you know we offer hair extensions in 12” and 14” lengths? The widest variety of lengths come in our Tape-In extensions.  You can take short and mid-length hairstyles to the next level. Check out these tips to elevate your short hair with Donna Bella Hair’s professional methods.

Although there are many benefits of Donna Bella Hair extensions, we’ve narrowed it down to three ways to boost your hair game: Volume, Color Dimension, Length Correction.

Benefits of color dimension with hair extensions.

Adding some color to your hairstyle is a classic way to take your hair from blah to celebrity-status. Whether you’re wanting sun-kissed highlights or a rebellious pop of color, Donna Bella Hair can take you there. Peep these color dimension benefits.

  • Show off a softer, more natural look to your hair.
  • Create depth and visual movement to your hair.
  • Add eye-catching colors without damaging your natural hair. Love pink hair like we do? Take a look at our pink custom Tape-In Donna Bella Hair extensions.

What’s the best method for adding color dimension to your short hair? We recommend Tape-Ins and Hybrid Wefts for fuller coverage and color options. Some of our favorite color blends in Hybrid Wefts include 12/600, 6/10 and 27/613.

Who doesn’t love peek-a-boo strands of color to match your mood? If you’re looking for more of a stark pop, try our single strand extension methods: I-Link and Flat-Tip. Some of the single strand extension colors come in Purple, Blue and Green! Or maybe you want to customize your own color. Try out our #60 and #80 extensions in I-Link!

Benefits of length correction with hair extensions

There may be times where you see your favorite celebrity with the cutest bob and think, I can pull that off. You sit in the salon chair and inches later you regret your decision. If you think there’s not turning back now, you haven’t tried Donna Bella Hair’s extensions! Add back instant length and achieve your dream hair with round two. Discover how hair extensions can solve all the hair problems you may have.

  • Add length to desired areas of head. Example: course correct your bangs.
  • Hide hair breakage and add the fullness around the face you’ve been missing.
  • Turn your bob into an a-line or keep your hair the same length from front to back with adding a few inches to pass that awkward growth stage.

Benefits of volume with hair extensions

Anyone can amp up their style with extensions, even those with thin, medium or thick hair. What are the benefits of volume?

  • Add full coverage and volume to thinning or fine hair.
  • Create numerous styles with the added volume and hair.
  • Achieve extra thickness to natural hair.

We recommend Donna Bella Hair’s Hybrid Weft extensions for some va-va-volume! This professional method is known for its easy and quick installation. Tape-Ins come in a variety of weft lengths, including 12” and 14” so you’re not having to chop off too much of the extensions when you get them installed. Plus, the wefts provide a wider area of coverage so you can sport your short hair seamlessly.

Short hairstyle hacks with extensions

Now that we’ve uncovered ways to elevate your short hair with extensions, check out these hair hacks for inspiration to display your new look.

  1. Make waves for added texture. Show that short hair has high standards too. Create voluptuous waves in minutes to turn up the volume.

  2. Tease the top for an elevated, everyday look. On-the-go but want that done-up look? Take a comb and hairspray to tease the top layer of your hair for a refreshed vibe.

DB Pro Tip:Although there are many techniques to show off a seamless look, teasing your natural hair above the extensions is one way you help hide the contact point.

  1. Play with braids and trendy hair accessories. A simple side braid or rhinestone barrette can go a long way in the hair department.

  2. Add pops of color to your hairstyle. Let your new color choice standout with strands of purple, pink, or blue!

  3. Go for the half-up, half-down look. Now that you’ve got more hair to play with, add a top knot or short pony to the top of your hair for a sassy style. 

How to add some serious length to short hair

For those with short hair and want to tack on some noticeable inches, keep reading. Before adding fullness and length, be sure you have enough natural hair to achieve a believable look.

In order to add drastic length with hair extensions, we recommend that the hair is past the occipital bone. If the hair is not past the occipital bone, it’s nearly impossible to achieve a desired blend. Why? If there is not enough length to the natural hair, there is no room to texture or blend the extensions.

Want more info on achieving length with extensions for your short hair? Talk to your stylist to find the best solution for your hair needs.

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