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Which Blonde Extensions are Best for You?

Which Blonde Extensions are Best for You?

7 minute read

Blonde hair extensions can help you transform your look. 

Curious about which shade to choose?

We’ll help you discover which blonde extensions are best for you depending on what style you want to create.

How to Choose the Right Blonde Color

What color is your skin tone?

If you have cool undertones in your skin, icy shades of blonde will work well for you. If your skin is warmer with more reddish color, go with warmer shades of blonde.

For the most flattering blonde hair colors for cool skin undertones, look for shades like platinum, beige, ash, white, and silver. A champagne hue can be used to soften the overall look.

For complementary blonde hair colors for warmer skin undertones, look for warm, rich, softer shades like honey, golden, caramel, or strawberry.

If you’ve previously colored your hair, you can even use blonde hair extensions with dark roots. Consider trying ombre or rooted extensions to create a low-maintenance look that works well as your hair grows out.

Color Matching to Your Natural Hair

When deciding which shade of blonde extensions to use, work with a stylist to determine which shades would color match to your natural hair. For highlights, going 1 or 2 shades brighter can give a beautiful dimensional effect.

Need help finding a certified Donna Bella Hair® stylist? Use our website to find a stylist.

A Variety of Blonde Shades 

It can be helpful to familiarize yourself with what blonde shades are available in hair extensions. Whether your hair is naturally blonde or you have darker hair, there are a number of ways you can add dimension, go with ombre or balayage, or create a high-impact and high-contrast look.

Trust us: there’s a blonde for you!

Multidimensional Blonde Looks

Check out these blonde transformations. Talk about platinum power!

Light Ash/ Blonde + Light Blonde + Blonde

Victoria is wearing 22” Tape-Ins in #12/600, #613 and #600

This is a great example of how you can combine light ash/blonde, light blonde, and blonde for multi-dimensional volume. 

Platinum Blonde + Blonde + Light Ash/Blonde

Kylie is wearing 18” Tape-Ins in #1001, #600 and #12/600. Adding a mix of 3 different shades makes it easier to blend the extensions with her natural hair.

What’s the difference between Balayage, Ombre and Rooted?

These 3 popular styles are here to stay. This info will help you start a conversation with your stylist so you can select which one is best for the look you want to create.

Knockout Color with Balayage

Balayage with Tape-Ins

@Hairbyjmahr used 16” Tape-Ins to achieve these gorgeous warm tones.

How to say it: “Bah-lee-ahj” meaning “to sweep” or “to paint”

What is it?

A natural-looking highlighting technique that gives soft, sunkissed dimension. Customized color placement creates a soft gradation of lightness towards the ends of the hair.

How is the look achieved?

Color is hand-painted onto the hair, generally with brighter pieces around the face and ends with blended roots. Balayage is created with sweeping, vertical placement of color.

Lived-In Blonde Hybrid Wefts

@_hairbykinsey and @paigewright__ knocked it out of the park with this custom colored balayage look with Hybrid Wefts in #12/600 and #60.

Who it’s great for

  • Those who want subtle, natural-looking color

  • Anyone wanting a look like you spent the summer at the beach

  • Great for those who naturally have lighter hair

Did you know you can create a damage-free balayage look using extensions?! Work with your stylist to determine which shades will work best for your natural color and consider using #60 or #80 for custom color.

High Contrast with Ombre 

Ombre Hybrid Wefts

@hairstylist.madison used 18” Hybrid Wefts and did 3 custom color applications to achieve this gorgeous, high-contrast look.

How to say it:  "Aam-bray" (English pronunciation) or "Ohm-bruh" (French pronunciation) meaning “to shade”

What is it?

With ombre color, one shade blends into another using a visual gradation effect. Usually the faded look places a darker shade on top near the roots of the hair and lighter shade on bottom near the ends. (Reverse ombre switches this up and does the opposite.)

How is the look achieved?

Foils are used to color the hair from dark to light for a full-coverage effect. Ombre requires a gradual, horizontal placement of color in the hair.

Who it’s great for

  • Clients looking for a low-maintenance color option

  • Brunettes who want to go lighter

  • Those who want a subtle grow-out effect and less time at the salon

Check out all our ombre extensions.

Irresistible Rooted Tones

Rooted Hybrid Wefts

@lipstickheelsandababy is rocking rooted Hybrid Wefts in R12/600 for this light and bright look.

What is it?

A look where a color darker than the natural hair is only applied to the roots, creating a smudged or shadowing effect.

Naming conventions: You’ll know extensions are rooted color when you see “R” in the name. For example, with the name R #12/60, the first color is the color of the roots, and the second color applies to the rest of the hair.

How is the look achieved?

The fade is placed higher than you would see with ombre (only at the roots as opposed to a third of the way down the hair). This can create an effect of more volume.

Who it’s great for

  • Anyone wanting a subtle color change that’s low-maintenance

  • Those who want soft, seamless contrast and more depth and dimension

  • Great for color-damaged hair when you want to minimize color application

Want to try a new look? Shop our rooted extensions.

What to do if you can’t find the perfect match to your color

If you’re having trouble finding the right colors, don’t be discouraged! You can have your stylist custom color extensions for a perfect match.

For custom color, we recommend using #60 and #80.

How to Choose the Right Extension Method for Your Hair

When deciding which hair extension method you want to go with, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

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What density is your natural hair?

How thick your hair is can help you determine which extension method will work best for you.

Some of our favorite methods for thin and medium hair are Tape-Ins, Kera-Link, and Beaded. If you have thick hair, consider Hybrid Wefts or Kera-Link.

Any hair type can use Ready-to-Wear extensions (Clip-Ins or Halos/Solos).

How do you usually wear your hair? Do you have it up, down, or in a variety of hairstyles?

Some methods offer 360-degree movement, meaning the attachment points won’t show no matter if you have your hair up, down, or pulled back in a ponytail. If you need maximum versatility, consider Kera-Link or Beaded methods. If you tend to wear your hair down a lot, Tape-Ins are a great fit.

Also consider how often you want to plan on having move-up appointments. Some 

methods are longer-lasting than others.

Tape-Ins: 4-8 weeks 

Beaded: 6-8 weeks

Hybrid Weft: 6-8 weeks

Kera-Link: 3-6 months

Check out our Instagram page for more info on how to maintain your extensions.

To learn more about the different methods, check out our Extension Method Comparison Guide.

Styling Your Hair with Blonde Extensions

Adding a boost of volume and length gives you the freedom to style your hair in new ways once you have your extensions. You can go with blonde hair extensions in Clip-Ins or a Solo/Halo® if you want an easy, fast, non-committal option that you can install yourself from home. You can also use blonde hair extensions for braids like for a wedding updo, special occasion, or celebration.

So, can anyone go blonde with hair extensions?  

As you’ve seen in this post, blonde hair extensions can be a wonderful way to support you on your blonde journey! You can lighten and brighten your hair overnight without causing any damage to your natural hair. If you want to create a highlighted, balayage or ombre look– with zero harsh chemicals– extensions are the best option, no matter what color your natural hair is.

Ready to start shopping? Check out our blonde extensions.

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