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One thing about fashion runways is that you can always get a glimpse of the trends to come. Spring 2015 is all about long, teased hair. So you know those bobs, long bobs, and pixies that everyone was chopping off their locks for? While they were fun, they’ve lived their moment and it’s now time to start growing them out. Thank goodness for hair extensions, right? Here are a few hair trends that were seen on the 2015 spring fashion runway.

Teased hair. If you’ve never tried teasing your hair don’t be intimidated to try it. Extra loose braids, loose buns, and really messy waves will be super popular this spring. Your hair extensions will love this trend because, as you know, hair extensions should always be loose and never too tight anyway.

Braids. You might as well start getting your practice in braiding because this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. From the fish tail, to the loose braid, to the bohemian braid, it’s the perfect hairstyle for work, for a girls night, or best of all, for bed! Try adding a deep part to switch it up a bit.

Low ponytails. Another favorite because it’s quick and low-maintenance on your hair extensions. Depending on where you’re wearing this style, try adding waves by wanding the hair before placing it in a ponytail, or even just wanding the hair once it’s already in the ponytail. Slicked-back deep or side parts are always the easiest ways to give it variety.

Air dried hair. Finally, a hairstyle that requires little to no work at all (and is the best style for your hair extensions). This is one that will definitely be your hair extensions’ best friend. No more blow-drying your hair. To get the look: sleek top and let your ends air dry. That’s it! You can also do this a reverse way; don’t feel like washing your hair? Dry shampoo to maintain the sleekness of your second or third day hair, and mist the ends with water and let them air dry. You can also try adding a small amount of mousse to give your ends more definition.

We’ve been preaching about these styles for a while and finally they’re a trend! What are your thoughts on these hairstyles? Let us know in the box below!