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Spring is on its way, and the fashion industry and beauty industry alike are gearing up to give us some pointers on what's sure to be hot in 2008. All signs point to "natural" hacolors - especially when it comes to the color of our hair. Most fashion know-it-alls are claiming it's in-vogue to have natural-looking hair, whatever that means (for those of us who've not strayed far from the look we were born with).

This month's feature article in BSB magazine is all about this very subject, and more specifically how salon owners and stylists can start offering coloring services in the most effective way.

Here's a clip of the article:

If there’s good news for beauty stores these days, it’s that “natural-looking” hair color is back in vogue. Usually defined as one or two levels away from unadulterated color, natural hair coloring simplifies product selection and minimizes snafus. However, this time around, natural hardly means plain. With bobs in abundance, stronger, more vibrant color is a natural companion to smooth, shiny surfaces. Additionally, with panels and streaks giving way to strategically placed highlights, the color itself is what packs the punch.

If your salon has always put an emphasis on hair health, leaving hair in good condition despite treatments, you're in a good position; this will be a year for focusing on the self, detoxing and restoring that natural beauty that fashionista's of years past have told us to curl up and dye.

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