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Responding to the high demand for ombre hair, Donna Bella is now offering ombre hair extensions in Kera-Link, I-Link, and Tape-In methods. If you think it’s just a trend, think again. Ombre has been in style since 2010 and maybe even a little before then. As the years go by, there are different variations of the trend such as the sombre, dip dye, and, as of recently, the balayage. So don’t expect the ombre to dye down anytime soon (pun intended)!

Low maintenance. The ombre trend is popular not only because of the cool color fade effect, but also because it’s low maintenance! Rather than coloring regrowth every time, the more regrowth the better! It gives the hair more of a fade effect as it grows out, which means your client won’t need to come in as often to have her roots touched up or have her hair extensions removed and reinstalled with each touch-up, keeping her hair extensions in better condition.

Less damage. With ombre hair extensions, you have the option to skip the coloring process and achieve beautifully long, gradient hair color with extensions alone. Even if you have to lighten the ends of the natural hair to blend in with the ombre hair extensions, the ends will sustain a one-time dose of damage—which can be mitigated even further by using protective products and semi-permanent colors, like Joico Color Intensities. Donna Bella has teamed up with Joico Color Intensities—as well as Framar International—to provide any stylists interested in learning more about best hair extension coloring practices with the resources they need to do their best work. To take advantage of these materials, visit the Color Takeover Portal today!

Options. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to ombre is blond. Don’t get the misconception that all ombre hair has to transition from dark to blonde. When it comes to ombre, you can transition from a dark chocolate brown tone to a light caramel color. If you’re feeling more adventurous you can go from dark to a burgundy color. How creative you want to get is up to you, and your client. If you’re a pro at coloring, our ombre hair extensions can also be customized to match your client’s wants. Just make sure, as always, to do a strand test to see how the hair reacts to your color system. The Donna Bella Hair-safe rule: always deposit, never lift, so make sure to get the extensions in a lighter color that you can add color to. For more hair coloring insights—and even tutorials—be sure to check out the Color Takeover Portal.

If you have a question about our new ombre hair extensions, leave them in the comments below.

To watch Master Educator Ruben Martinez at work with Donna Bella’s ombre hair extensions, click here.

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