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It could have happened to anyone, it just happens to have happened to the face of Hair Extensions, hotel heiress, Paris Hilton. The extensions queen was recently spotted on the runway with all her clasps hanging out - not the end of the world by any stretch - but could have easily been avoided. One thing's for sure: She was in desperate need of a visit to the salon!

Confident as ever, Paris was walking on to the red carpet in Hollywood in mid August, looking classy and glamorous posing for the paparazzi.

Unfortunately, her best efforts to impress were undone when she turned around to reveal a hair extension-hairstyle malfunction.

Lesson for the rest of us? It's important that every 6-8 weeks you head back in to your favorite extension stylist for a quick bead adjustment, to ensure your locks look their best. Those new to hair extensions might not like the idea of having to go in for constant adjustments, but that's just part of the commitment