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Are scheduling appointments, installing and styling hair, and a personal life outside of the salon making your day pretty hectic? Are you a new hairstylist wanting to add loyal clients to your list of clientele? Or are you a salon owner wanting to add a personal touch to your business strategy? Whatever the case may be, we suggest incorporating social media into your business. How can you use social media to your advantage? Here are some tips:

Be exclusive. Posting  images, information, and invites only for your followers and friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can boost the traffic on your social media pages, leading to more business. For example, a coupon you post only for your friends on Facebook can make them feel exclusive and will have them inviting their friends to your page so that they, too, can cash in on these exclusive deals. A special coupon for discounted services, a preview of a new product line at the salon, or maybe a girls night at the salon allows you to be more personal with your clientele and helps boost your brand.

Before and afters. Nothing shows off your work better than a before and after picture (especially when it comes to hair extensions). There’s something about being able to see a person’s transformation in an instant that draws people to the stylist and the products they used. Don’t be modest. Post as many before and after pictures as you’d like and let your work do the talking. People want to know that you’re an expert and a master of your trade.

Be informative. Your area of expertise is hair, so try to be consistent in posting about all things hair. If you have found a product you really like, write about it. Product reviews are great because people feel like they can trust a consumer’s word over that of the manufacturer (which is why there are review sections in most online stores). If there are products or home remedies that you’ve tried which have worked miracles on hair, post about them! The more people read useful information, the more they want to keep up with your posts.

Contests. At Donna Bella Hair, we enjoy holding weekly contests (Winner Wednesdays). It’s a chance to hear from our followers and an opportunity to involve our customers while giving away some free goodies. You should also consider having contests on your page to increase engagement (and fun!). It doesn’t have to be every week—it could be biweekly or once a month—but the more consistent you are, the more your name and work gain popularity.

Need more tips or have some to share? Let us know—we always love hearing from you!