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January 11, 2011


My hair extension customer list is starting to grow. What can I do to show-off my work so that new customers will consider getting hair extensions themselves? Unless a customer is in the salon when I apply extensions, it is hard for them to imagine the amazing results that we get?

Sanya, S. – London, ONT, Canada


You are right. Most people are not around to see the final results of a hair extension makeover. Here is an idea that Donna Bella uses on its own website, Before and After photos.

On the day of the appointment, take a “before” photo of the client. Have her face angled a bit so that you can see the length of her hair. Make sure that it’s a pleasant photo. Try taking one that is without a smile.

Next, do your extension magic. After you are finished, take an “after” photo that features the new extensions and a happy, smiling customer.

Depending upon your available wall space, create some reasonably sized prints (4" x 6") that can be placed side-by-side inside a single picture frame. Check out the price of frames and choose a size that is priced right if you purchase quite a few. Then use one of your salon walls, ideally in the reception area, to build a “Wall Of Fame” of before and after customers.

Oh, be sure to get your customers permission to display the before and after shots.

Most clients are pleased to be spotlighted and the Wall Of Fame will create a lot of buzz with potential customers. It also gives a new customer a taste of what her own extensions might look like.

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