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You work hard to give your clients amazing hair experience. And you want to keep good things going, right? Here are some things you can do to help clients come back for more.

Do good work. This may seem obvious, but if your clients aren't happy, they won’t come back. Go above and beyond to provide the best service you can. So do your homework so you learn all the ins and outs of extensions. (Learn more about hair extension certification.)

Be professional. This doesn't mean you can’t be friendly and talkative while you work, but you want to prove you know what you’re doing. Be early, keep your tools clean, and be upfront about pricing.

Educate your client. If you client knows how to take care of her extensions, they’ll last longer and she’ll be happier. Remind her about the things that will help make her extensions last, such as brushing three times a day and avoiding products with sulfates. Knowledge is power!

Schedule her next appointment before the client leaves. She’ll have the best experience with her extensions if she has regular appointments for her maintenance and touch ups, so you want to make sure she doesn't miss them. Touch ups should be about every 6 to 8 weeks.

Foster loyalty. Did you know that customers more loyal to their hairdressers than to any other brand or business? Most people are looking for a stylist they can trust and stay with for a long time. So be that stylist! Offer honest advice and educate your clients about hair health. If she trusts you, she’ll keep coming back because she knows that you’ll be helping her have amazing hair.


Do you have a hair extension question or a concern? Email your questions to info@donnabellahair.com and we can answer it right here on our blog!