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So you've become certified, and you’re ready to start installing hair extensions! But where do you start? Where do you get clients? It all starts with marketing. You need to get the word out about this great service.

If you’re already working in a salon, you probably already have a clientele built up. Many of your usual clients could become hair extension clients.

You’ll always have some women who love their pixie cuts and will never be parted from them. But you probably have several clients who would love to have longer and fuller hair, but don’t have the genes (or patience) for it.

Education is key! Some women might not even realize that hair extensions are an option for them. Some might think that hair extensions are too expensive or are damaging to hair and skin. It’s your job to set them straight and explain how extensions work and the different options available.

A great way to start the discussion is by displaying marketing materials around your salon and station. (Donna Bella offers great marketing materials.) Your clients might bring up hair extensions before you even have a chance to.

Before and after photos are wonderful ways to illustrate what hair extensions can do. You know what they say--seeing is believing. Keep them in your portfolio or on your salon’s Facebook page. If you wear extensions yourself--even better!

Run a promotion or two to get people interested. Especially for people who might think hair extensions aren't worth the cost, offering a deal is a great way to help them feel comfortable about trying a new product.

Getting the word out about how wonderful hair extensions are is easy and you’ll be booking installation appointments in no time!