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Why is it important to have a great receptionist for your salon?

One main reason is because he or she is usually the first human contact a new client. What if this is the first time a new client has called the salon? You want her first contact with your establishment to be excellent. She can also ensure that both new and returning hair extension clients have a top-notch hair extension experience.

Give a mini-consultation: A receptionist should be well-acquainted with hair extensions and other salon services. Clients might have questions when they call or visit for the first time. The receptionist can not only help answer the client’s questions, but also get a feel for what stylist would be best for the client’s needs and make recommendations if asked.

Keep the salon running smoothly: A good receptionist knows which stylists in the salon can do hair extensions, and which methods they specialize in. Because the receptionist is primarily in charge of scheduling appointments, she also must have a good sense of how long hair extension installations take. Some methods take longer to install than others (Kera-Link is the longest and Tape-In is the fastest), and every stylist works at a different pace. The receptionist can make sure that each stylist isn’t over or under booked.

Helping with extension upkeep: The receptionist’s duty doesn't end once the client is in the chair and in the hands of the stylist. Hair extensions need to be adjusted and moved up every six to eight weeks. After the initial appointment is finished, the receptionist can help the client schedule a return appointment before she leaves. It’s also a good idea to keep an organized record of who has come in the salon for extensions, so if it’s time for a touch-up and a client hasn't scheduled an appointment

A salon receptionist can really help new and returning clients have a great experience at your salon, especially if you are doing extension services.

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