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February 1, 2011


No one in beauty school gave me good advice about the kind of shoes I ought to purchase so that my legs do not ache at the end of the day. The other girls in the shop don’t seem to have problems with any style of shoes. One person actually wears heels from time to time.

Currently, I’m wearing a soft black leather shoe with narrow quarter inch heal. My legs are killing me in my new job. What do most stylists, with my problem do to stop the agony?

Callie, T. – Vancouver, BC, Canada


Getting used to standing on hard surfaces is generally worse in the first few weeks of working on your feet. Hopefully, your salon has a cushioned foundation pad around your work station that will help soften the shock to your leg muscles. If not, consider buying your own cushioned mat.

As for shoes, here is the easiest guideline to follow.

If you stand for long hours, wear firm sole shoes with cushy in-soles. Clog-type shoes are preferred by many stylists. Upon finding a perfect fit, purchase two identical pairs of shoes, and trade off wearing them every other day so that the shoes get a chance to breath and readjust to your feet.

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