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November 2, 2010


What are “virgin” Remy hair extensions and how do they differ from standard Remy hair?

Kay M – Central Falls, Rhode Island


One of the most reliable sources of quality hair in the world comes from India.  That is primarily true because Indian women donate their hair to temples as a way of giving thanks for a blessing that has come into their life.

Hair that is harvested, cleaned, and offered for sale without further processing or treatment is considered Virgin.  If that same hair is altered from its natural state (as in colored or conditioned) then it is no longer labeled virgin.

Be cautious, because virgin hair does not automatically mean that it is Remy quality. Only if the cuticles remain intact and flow in the same direction, does it qualify for the Remy stamp of approval.

Virgin hair is usually sold by weight in bundles and available in only one color.  That color is the color of the donor’s natural hair and is most often #1B (almost black or black mixed with grey).

Donna Bella Milan supplies 37 delicious colors of Remy human hair.

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