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November 4, 2010


Normally, my stylist recommends micro bead hair extensions for me, but I want to see what my hair volume looks like when using a full sew-in weft.  If I try this method, how much Yxaki hair should I expect to purchase for a full-head weave?

Sharonda M – Knoxville, Tennessee


Have fun experimenting with our different hair extension methods.  You’ll notice that weft sew-in extensions allow you create volume by loading lots of hair onto very specific areas of the head.

Of course every person requires a different amount of extensions depending upon the look they are attempting to achieve.  So let’s talk about averages and let you and your stylist make the final decision.

For a full head Yaki weave use the following general guidelines.

10" needs about 3oz - 5oz most stylists use 4oz of hair

12" needs about 4oz - 6oz most stylists use 5oz of hair

14" needs about 5oz - 7oz most stylists use 6oz of hair

16" needs about 6oz - 8oz most stylists use 7oz of hair

18" needs about 7oz - 9oz most stylists use 8oz of hair

And be sure to let us know, which method you prefer.

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