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These courses are great because each video goes into so much detail. The videos feature world-renowned stylist Ruben Martinez, who will show you the ropes. He’s been doing hair extensions with Donna Bella for six years. His experience with Donna Bella products will help you navigate through picking the right hair color, managing placement, blending hair for a natural look, and more.

Great opportunities can come from Online Education. Through these courses, you can become Donna Bella Certified. Besides getting a certificate to hang in your salon, you’ll get to be listed in our online directory of certified stylists, so potential clients in your area will be able to find your salon. You’ll also receive a free Intro Kit with tons of helpful marketing materials and guides. Certified stylists will also get great discounts from Donna Bella Hair.

Here are the steps to get certified:

1. Enroll in the course you want to get certification in. (Or get all 3 for a special deal!)
2. Watch the videos and practice on a mannequin or a real person.
3. Take before and after photos and send them to us. Make sure there are lots of detailed photos of the extension points and parts.
4. Take and submit the final quiz

If you pass, Donna Bella will send you your certificate within two business days.

Hair extensions create amazing transformations. A certified stylist can help a woman have long hair with volume and vibrant color that would usually take years to grow.

Our main goal was to create a program that empowered stylists and extension-lovers alike. Knowing how to use extensions opens up so many doors, and offering hair extension services is a profitable way to grow your business. Hair extensions are growing more and more popular every year.

Online Education will be available on November 12th. You can learn more about Online Education here.

Do you have a question or a concern? Email your questions to info@donnabellahair.com and we can answer it right here on our blog!