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Hair extensions are for everyone, and that includes fine or thin-haired women. With recent innovations in hair care and hair extension varieties, thin-haired women don’t need to worry anymore about extensions putting too much strain on their slender roots; all they need to worry about is knowing what to look for. So here are our expert recommendations for you fine or thin-haired ladies, to make your extensions shopping that much easier:

  1. For professional extensions, choose Tape-In. If you’re in the market for a professional hair extension method, Tape-In is the one for you. Tape-In hair extensions come in wefts so that the hair is dispersed along a wider surface area. What this means is, when Tape-Ins are installed into your hair, the weight of the extensions will be dispersed across a section of your hair (rather than concentrated on a single strand). Unsurprisingly, this has made Tape-In a favorite among finer-haired clients.
  2. Use Single Sided Tape. Another fine-hair friendly benefit of Tape-In is that there are two ways to install it--one that utilizes two Tape-In wefts sandwiched on either side of a strip of hair, and one that utilizes a single Tape-In weft in the front and a piece of Single Sided Tape in the back. Opting to use Single Sided Tape in lieu of an additional extension means that even less weight is being applied to the hair section. We recommend that those of you with particularly fine or fragile hair opt for this tactic, seeing as it was designed with you in mind!
  3. Invest in dry shampoo. Fine hair tends to need more washing than thick hair, as scalp oil saturates thin hair more quickly. But, with professional extensions, you’re not supposed to wash your hair too often--ideally no more than twice a week. The solution? Dry shampoo. Get your hands on some to keep your scalp area clean and dry without the extra shower. It’s better than risking Tape-In slippage!
  4. Consider Clip-Ins. Clip-In extensions are great for women who are on the fence about professional methods, as well as women who just like to have some flexibility with their look. They also happen to be great for finer-haired ladies. Like Tape-Ins, Clip-Ins come in wefts, so they share that aspect of dispersing extension weight along a wider section of hair. You can also choose how many Clip-Ins you would like to apply to your hair at any one time. You’d only need a couple to add some volume to your hair, and fine-haired women might not need a whole set to achieve convincing length. Best part is, if the hair starts to get uncomfortable, you can simply remove it.
  5. Spritz, twist, clip. If you do go for Clip-Ins and find that you have a hard time getting them to grip to your hair, try the spritz-twist-clip technique. First, spritz some dry shampoo or texturizing spray to your roots for a little grit. Next, twist the section of hair where you’ll be applying the clip. Finally, clip the hair extension in place. You should be good to go for hours after that.

Are you a fine or thin-haired extension wearer? What are your tips for conquering the extension game? Let us know in the comments below!