We’ve mentioned Sono before, but we think it’s about time for an update. Last year we introduced a brand new line of 100% human, removable hair extensions for the commitment-wary extension lover, including Bangs extensions, Solo (halo) extensions, and a range of Clip-Ins in various lengths and weights. These extensions became available through our branch company—Sono by Donna Bella—on a custom-made site tailored to stylists and clients alike. Now, we’ve brought the Sono goodness a little closer to home, introducing a brand new “Ready-to-Wear” section to our product categories where you can find all of Sono’s offerings, in addition to our existing Clip-In pages. This enables you to browse conveniently from the comfort of our Donna Bella site, and to use your existing Donna Bella account to make Sono purchases! And, to celebrate, we’re offering an exclusive 15% discount to Donna Bella site users who purchase from the Ready-to-Wear line, from now until September 8th!

Some of you may already be familiar with our new-and-improved removable hair extensions, as well as the many style tutorials that go with them! But for those of you who are new to the Sono game, here are the facts that you need to know:

There are 3 methods, and they’re great for any hair type.
We’ve been touting Clip-In hair extensions for a while now, explaining how they’re great for ambivalent hair extension clients who want a test run before committing to a professional method. Like the rest of our Sono by Donna Bella line, they’re also great for ever-changing hair enthusiasts who want flexibility in their daily look, and for clients of all hair types and thicknesses—even finer-haired clients! Solo hair extensions, for example, fall from a single wire that sits around the crown of the head, meaning that this method applies no weight or pressure to the hair strands themselves! And Bangs extensions follow suit, attaching with three comfortable clips to the hairline.

They’re 100% human, guaranteed.
That longstanding Donna Bella promise of premium quality, 100% human hair applies to Sono hair extensions, too. Each and every strand in our Sono by Donna Bella hair extensions is fully human, sourced from the pristine hair of Indian women engaging in religious worship. That means that you can treat your Sono extensions as you would your own hair—treating them with sulfate-free products, drying them with heat protectant in place, and styling them to suit your tastes.

There are 3 distinct lengths available, and you can get each length in 1 of 2 weights.
Sono Clip-Ins and Solo hair extensions come in 16”, 18”, and 20” lengths for a range of possible looks. Plus, each length comes in 2 different weights—Regular or Deluxe—for varied thickness to match your natural locks! That’s a total of 6 extension customization options per method!

Bangs are here, and there are 2 varieties.
Skip the endless snipping-then-growing-out cycle and help yourself to removable Bangs extensions! You can go the classic route with the Straight Across style, or rock your inner side-bang girl with the Side Swept style.

Pick from 16 familiar Donna Bella colors.
Sono by Donna Bella extensions come in colors 1, 1B, 2, 3R, 4, 6, 6/10, 8, 10, 12/600, 24, 27, 27/613, 30/33, 613, and 1001. That means you can still use your good-old Donna Bella Color Ring to arrive at the perfect match!

Hang them up at the end of the day.
Removable means you can put the hair away when you’re done wearing it, limiting the need for hair extension-oriented showering or sleeping routines. And now, you can put your hair away in clean and tidy style, using the Sono by Donna Bella Extension Hanger and Sleeve! (Other Sono-inspired tools are available, too.)

If you have any more questions about Sono by Donna Bella extensions, check out the Sono YouTube channel. It’s full of useful Sono-related information, and more! And don’t forget to take advantage of 15% off the Ready-to-Wear line while it lasts!