NEW! grays in HYW and Tape-Ins
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These days it seems that every celebrity has come out with a product or two. But Jessica Simpson, shes got a whole list. With everything from clothes to handbags to fragrances and now hair extensions. Offering fans the possibility of obtaining her famous cascade of champagne colored curls.

However it has been said that Jessica's line of hair is made of Kanekalon Vibralite® mod acrylic fiber, and to those whom do not own their own line of extensions, that is the phony, plastic looking, synthetic hair.

Now, I hate to be the one to state the obvious, but I will anyways. I have never seen Jessica sporting hair that looks anything but expensive and polished down to every curl. In fact it has been said that she often spends up to $2500 dollars on her own head of hair. So it becomes hard for me to believe that she herself would ever wear her own line. And well, if the creator isn't a believer, then its hard for me to be as well.