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Donna Bella’s line of instant (Ready-to-Wear) hair extensions is like a jack of all trades. They work with all hair types, suit any occasion, accommodate even the most paltry commitment and experience levels, and come out looking like magic on all fronts. It’s no wonder that they’re popular amongst extension-smart clients and stylists alike! Given their temporary/removable nature, it’s easy to let instant hair extensions speak for themselves in a salon setting--all you have to do is invite a new client to try on a sample set. Still, it always helps to have extra tactics in your arsenal for winning over new clients to the Ready-to-Wear party. So just as we provided tips for marketing hair extensions for weddings earlier on this month, today we’re dishing up some tips for marketing instant hair year-round. And once again, we’ll be drawing on Stephanie Hodge’s (@stephhstyles) wisdom to get the job done!

But first thing’s first...

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Now, without further ado, the 3 Keys for selling instant hair extensions in your salon:

Highlight the distinctive function of instant hair extensions

For those clients who have experience with Donna Bella’s professional (semi-permanent) hair extension methods, a good starting point for marketing instant hair extensions would be to delineate its unique virtues and particular use cases--particularly during a consultation for a related service. For example, clients who thrive on color experimentation could benefit from the flexibility of instant hair extensions, while those who need a revitalizing break from semi-permanent methods can achieve the same look they love without the same degree of hair strain or maintenance commitment. Ready-to-Wear extensions are also exceptionally suited to special occasions, as they lend themselves well to elaborate styling. As Stephanie says, “wedding and other special occasion dates such as proms or dances” could benefit from the extra length, volume, or pop of color provided by temporary hair extensions.

Emphasize universality.

Instant hair extensions are not only or specifically designed for experienced extension wearers. In fact, they can be a great entry point to the world of extensions for otherwise unversed clients. Stephanie offers a couple of reasons for this: “If the need is there, both [experienced and inexperienced extension clients] are open to the idea of Ready-to-Wear extensions. They are a great option for those who have the desire for temporary length but don’t want the maintenance of caring for extensions long term. … They are easy and temporary.” Furthermore, Clip-In and Solo extensions can provide extension options for those who might not ordinarily qualify for more enduring methods, due to the condition of their hair or the nature of their lifestyle. And since instant hair extensions sell at a fraction of the cost of professional methods, they can reach a much wider audience for financial reasons, too. Extol these attributes in your written and visual marketing materials--provide a pamphlet, or send your clients a link to descriptive content online. We have a dedicated YouTube channel for our Ready-to-Wear line called “Sono Hair Extensions,” and it’s filled with resources and information you can pass along to your clients.

Channel the appeal of novelty.

Unlike professional hair extensions, instant hair extensions can be thrown on and taken off just like a clothing ensemble. This means that you can take a page from the fashion retail playbook, incorporating current fashion trends into your Ready-to-Wear marketing schemes. While this is possible to an extent with professional hair extensions, instant hair extensions are more versatile, and their users more able to pivot in their hairstyles to accommodate seasonal changes. Use this to drum up enthusiasm for the product relative to different festive occasions, and take the rapid trend-turnover rate as freedom to take more risks in your hair extension coloring or styling tactics. Whether you’re co-opting looks from the runway or the Color Takeover Portal, your clients are likely to relish the novelty, and might even look forward to it every season!

Many thanks to Stephanie for speaking with us again for this week’s post! Learn more about her practice via the link below.

Stephanie Hodges

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