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Donna Bella offers 52 shades of meticulously pre-colored natural, funky, and ombre hair extensions for our clients’ varied uses, and we’ll admit that we really enjoy when someone finds their perfect match. But while 52 shades may seem like a lot, it’s actually a small fraction of all the different hair colors (real and aspirational) that are out there, so it’s fairly common to fall outside the range that we offer. Fortunately, we have some solutions for that. Our first recommendation would be to color your hair extensions (or, if you’re the client, have your stylist color them) to the level of your choosing, as this ensures the closest match to your natural hair or envisioned look. Donna Bella’s Color Takeover revolution makes this easy, providing you with all the resources and support you need to perform a beautiful custom color job on our hair extensions (visit the Color Takeover Portal to check it out). But what if your client isn’t prepared for the maintenance, or would rather use a more straightforward approach? That’s where blending comes in handy.

Color blending (as opposed to the blending portion of an installation) is the process of using two or more different extension colors to produce the effect of a specific shade. Generally, when color blending to the client’s natural hair color,  stylists will select one slightly lighter shade and one slightly darker shade, then use them interchangeably throughout the hair to trick the eye into seeing a blended color.

This method doesn’t use any more hair than our ordinary approach; just a few packs of each color that are applied as usual, (though you should take special care to blend and evenly distribute both colors). A perk to this approach is the great dual-color look that it creates. Most people don’t have only one hair color on their head anyway, especially if their hair hasn’t been color-treated. Doing two colors can create a very natural look with a lot of dimension.

That being said, dual-color looks can also be achieved using mixed color, so be sure to consult with your client as to their preferred approach. Color blending is a long-standing method, but our coloring program is offering new and exciting opportunities when it comes to extension color! For more information (including tutorial videos, articles, and more) visit the Color Takeover Portal today.

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