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Over at, they've posted a great series of reviews on some excellent hair care offerings this December holiday season. They cover everything from winter scalp dryness and dandruff, to fixing a flat 'do. Here's a bit of the article. It's certainly worth the read. Just remember not to pack any of it in your carry on!

Ah yes, the dreaded “D” word—dandruff. You’d be surprised how many people suffer from it especially during the winter. Although there is no “official” reason for the ailment, many common factors may include stress, poor diet, excessive or improper use of products or styling agents and heredity. Regardless of why we have it, what we know about dandruff is an all-around downer: itchy/inflamed scalp, flaking, sensitivity and excessive oil. And those white flakes on your little black dress? Not the best accessory you want to show off this season. But lucky for us, our pals at Redken have come up with some new products posed to solve the problem. Formulated with a new Interbond Scalp System, Dandruff Control delivers a high-dose of actives to your strands and scalp, which combined with a powerful Hydro-Zone System (consisting of lavender extract and glyercine) and Pyrithione Zinc help soothe, calm and clarify the area. Products include a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment.

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