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In a great article over at She Knows, celebrity hair stylist Nick Chavez discusses some of the upcoming summer trends for this summer and beyond.

On current styles that are coming back, Chavez noted “One of the greatest trends that is coming back is the classic styles -- the Sophia Loren kind of feeling. The great part of it was that hairstyle was always messy, but now it’s going into a glam-rock kind of thing," says Chavez. "Mixing rock n’ roll with a couture dress -- it’s amazing."

He also pointed out the frequent use of the classic, and easy going, ponytail, “The easiest thing to do, and the trend is coming back in a big way. For women, time is of the essence. Women barely have time for themselves. You don’t want to be married to your hair, make-up or nails,” Chavez quipped.

Not to be left out of the hair mix, Chavez highlighted the importance of color, and some that we're now seeing, “You know what? You’re starting see the reds out there. They’re really pretty. Julianne Moore, for one, is just beautiful -- her latest color. You’re starting to see those reddish tones within brunettes now, too,” Chavez said.

“It’s a red ginger. It’s got gold highlights,” Chavez said of Ashlee Simpson's crimson blush. “That is such a pretty color. It’s an easy color for taking a woman from blond to that red because you can always come back to blond easier.”

For the full interview, and for more hair gossip, check out the article here.