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How do you get started in the Color Takeover revolution? Stylists who have grown their business with extensions and hair color share their journeys, tips, and advice.

Owner & Stylist
Live or Dye Salon
Creve Coeur, IL
I first experienced Donna Bella Hair extensions at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago, while still in school. I watched a friend get extensions at the booth, and was hooked. I became one of the first to get certified online and began working the shows the following year.

Reality Check
I see clients full-time in the five-station rental salon I own, and about one-third are extension clients. Most of those (80 percent) are 40 years or older and need fullness; they just want their hair to not be “paper thin.”

Overcoming Fear
Some stylists and colorists are scared to get involved with extensions because they think the investment they would be asking clients to make is too high. But you don’t have to be rich to want—and get—hair extensions today. Things have changed so much. Still, it’s important for professionals to charge what we’re worth. If you are confident in your consultation and pricing, if you let clients know you are certified and they are in good hands, if you communicate that “this is the price for the hair extensions themselves, this is the price for the install, here’s what a custom coloring service costs, here’s what it takes and will cost to maintain it,” then you can stand behind your number. It’s not different from charging what you, your time, and expertise are worth for hair color or any other services.

Hair Color is Big
Donna Bella has so many pre-colored ranges to make it easy to find extensions to match the hair on the head. However, with more clients wanting to change hair color more often, more dramatically, salon pros have to be able to adapt on demand—to take clients from where they are now to where they want to go with a new hair phase. That’s why Color Takeover and custom coloring is so brilliant.

Clients want to try new shades and looks—from funky colors to natural shades and back again. Extensions make it easier to navigate and succeed with those constant transformations.

Full Effect
Clients who start with a few extensions for fullness get a taste and want more. With their first extensions in, some actually cry into the mirror, saying, “I didn’t know I could feel this pretty.” Then, I’ll get a text message a week later that reads, “Let’s start thinking about what we can do next time.” Their confidence grows, business grows. Custom color is a natural next step.

Pricing Pointers
I charge $28 for a regular cut and style. For an original installation of a full head of extensions, I’ll charge $450-$650, then about half that for maintenance appointments.

Starting the Conversation
I always have an extensions-related visual on my station, like the Donna Bella Hair Color Ring. I’ll say, “These are my extension swatches. Have you ever thought about what extensions can do for you?” I’ll also keep a mannequin head with a few bright extensions in the retail area, just to prompt conversation.

During the consultation, I ask the client if she is having any trouble with her hair. Almost always there is an extensions and hair color solution.

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