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This month's article by Beauty Store Business online wants to make sure you're stocking the latest and greatest hair-color products on the market. The article highlights (pun intended) the important nature of information, citing that it's critical for employees to in a position to give advice and insight to various products. Make sure your shelves are stocked and your employees are prepared to offer haircolor products and advice on demand.

Here's a bit of the article by Victoria Wurdinger

In a year when the mature beauty market is showing slow growth, hair color remains a beacon to the market. This is doubly true for stores because more than half of women who color their hair either do it at home or visit a salon sometimes and do their own color other times. Fortunately for beauty supply stores, the latter group needs help selecting the right retouch formula to match their current color.

Not only do OTCs carry broader color selections, they can also provide advice other beauty products channels can’t. For instance, with color lines that go permanent or the equivalent of semipermanent—depending on the developer volume—the savvy store employee can teach anyone to do a retouch and refresh her roots to near perfection. Additionally, by displaying mannequin heads with differently colored quadrants, beauty stores can easily provide visual replies to that age-old question: How will the color in the bottle look on my hair? This is particularly important for brunettes for three reasons: One, they represent the largest percentage of the general market population. Two, they represent almost all of the fast-growing multicultural populations. And three, it’s hardest for them to visualize how any shade will look when applied to their dark hair color. It’s no wonder that both fashion trends and new haircolor products increase their option.

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