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Most of us have made New Year’s resolutions; some are pretty far fetched and others are more attainable. Most of our resolutions are centered around improving ourselves, right? So why not start with baby steps like a hair makeover? A new color or longer hair will definitely have you looking and feeling brand new! Or why not even do both?

If you’ve never tried hair extensions before, now is the perfect time to do it. New year, new you, or, in this case—new hair! It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time or long time extension wearer when it comes to changing your look. Hair extensions are so versatile, there are so many possibilities. Aside from the fact that hair extensions are used for length, they are also used for volume, color, and style.

First timers, if you’re nervous, start with Clip-Ins. They come with instructions on how to clip them on yourself. You can style them as you would your natural hair and take them out as soon as you’re done with them (usually at the end of the day). If you store them neatly, you can get many uses out of them. If you find that you enjoy your new look and would like to save time on clipping them on each time, you can then upgrade to Tape-Ins, I-Links, or Kera-Links.

If you’re a long time extension wearer, try a new look by changing colors. If you have a monochromatic color, you should give one of the color trends a try. For example, a balayage, an ombre (which we now carry in a few tones), or a dip dye job are all in style. The best part about these trends is that you don’t need to put your hair through the color process. Save your natural hair the damage and ask your stylist to complete this look by ordering the color of hair extensions that will best blend with your natural color to combine them for the perfect look.

So while the gym goals for the year are always great, they still take time to produce results. See a new you right away with amazing hair and start showing off now!