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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple years, you will have noticed the changes and advancements coming out of the world of hair color. If you're a salon owner, surely you will know that hair color is an expanding market and from a business prospective, there's money to be earned.

Beauty Store Business Magazine's feature story this month is all about color. They address the issues, and explore the potential markets emerging: mens, multicultural, forward - fashionable woman, etc. Here's a clip of the article by Jayne Ingram:

You couldn’t call it a revolution. It didn’t happen overnight. But we’re now waking up to a whole new world of hair color. There’s an expanding color market with different attitudes and demands, from pre-teens to octogenarians and every possibility in between; innovative technology that breaks the boundaries of preconceived expectations; new products that focus on the health and appearance of hair and offer more color choices than ever; and ingredients such as botanical extracts and fortifying agents that enhance, nurture and even repair hair during the coloring process.

Above all, the buzzword is education. To address the needs of the graying baby boomers, the fashion-forward woman, the young generation, the expanding men’s market and the rapidly exploding multicultural population, communication is key. Manufacturers must expand their educational material and make it very straightforward and easy to understand. Beauty store owners can’t just put products on the shelves and expect them to sell themselves. They have to know what they’re selling, learn about the products and how to promote them to their customers.