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In one simple explanation, colorombre is an ombre with vibrant colors. We would say it’s a new trend, but you’ve probably already seen it around for a while. Essentially, it’s the official name for an existing phenomenon. The ombre is best described as a dark to light tone style, however, stylists are putting their own twist on it by using any and every color of the rainbow. There are two ways to accomplish these looks using Donna Bella Hair extensions:

1) Funky colors. Donna Bella Hair offers a variety of the most vibrant and popular colors; blue, green, pink, and purple are among our selection. To get the ombre look with a dark hair client, deposit a natural hair-compatible color to the root of the funky hair extensions. Use the ombre technique to ensure that it fades into the vibrant color as an ombre would. Do not go past half of the hair length. If working with lighter hair, deposit the funky color of choice to the very ends of the natural hair, again using the ombre technique. Then add the hair extension pieces. You can also choose to stay away from coloring by simply installing the hair extensions alone (we offer ombre hair extensions for this very purpose!).

2) Custom. Hair colors such as lavender or rose are not available in our funky color selection, but can still be achieved using Donna Bella Hair extensions in colors #60 and #1001. These colors work perfectly with custom coloring as they allow you to play with your own color formula. Remember that hair extensions process color differently than your client’s natural hair, so watch the hair throughout the process, and ALWAYS do a test strand to see how the hair reacts to your chemicals. You can find all the hair coloring resources and tips that you need at Donna Bella’s Color Takeover Portal—our new landing place for hair extension-specific coloring info, tutorials, and more!

Below are some custom color jobs using Donna Bella Hair extensions.

Clockwise: Teal ombre hair by Chelsea McDaniel, burgundy ombre by Michel, lavender-purple ombre by Nicole. 

What’s your technique to color ombre? Leave them in the comments below, were dying to know!

Visit the Color Takeover Portal