NEW! grays in HYW and Tape-Ins
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Bright, monochromatic, and pastel colors are no longer a “gothic” or a “punk” style. More and more people are opening up to the hair color trend. Thanks to celebrities like Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne, Demi Lovato, and Katy Perry, the hair colors have been given a spotlight with a classy twist. Along with the exposure in social media, the trend has been spreading like wildfire. Curious to know how they do it?

First off, if you’re a blondie, it’ll be much easier and cause less damage to your hair. Why? Because no matter what color you choose, you’re going to need to go as blond as possible—we’re talking almost white, especially if you want a vibrant color. Compared to a brunette, there will be fewer bleaching sessions for you, since your hair is much closer to the white-blond color you need. Bleaching is the key to achieving the color you want. For example, if you’re going red and your blond has any tint of yellow in it, you’re going to come out with orange hair. Yellow+red=orange. To avoid this catastrophe, go as close to white as possible. For brunettes, patience is a virtue. It’s also a good idea to break up the bleaching sessions. Yes, it may be a bummer to have to wait a little longer to achieve the blue or lavender you’ve been eyeing, but take it from us—your hair will thank you for it. You want this new color to look as healthy as possible, not overly fried. With too much bleach in a short amount of time, that’s something you risk. Keep in mind that when you choose to do these colors they can be really high maintenance. These types of colors tend to fade quickly, so you’ll be going in for regular touch-ups. Washing your hair less often and with cold water will be something to get used to. The hair cuticle doesn’t open up as much as it does under hot water, therefore letting less color out, preserving your hue longer. The good news—Donna Bella has extensions in all of the hottest colors! So if you thought you had to give up your hair extensions for hair color, think again! You can have your stylist color your natural hair to match our extension colors or you can opt out of coloring your natural hair and achieve the hair color only through installing hair extensions (which is also less damaging on your hair). Are you bold enough to catch on to the trend? Let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help!