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Donna Bella has updated and expanded its hair extension tool line. These new tools are primarily used for the I-Link (beaded) hair extensions, both for installation and removal. In this three-part blog series, we’re exploring each one of our new tools. This week is the Flare Hair Extension Tool.

The Flare is a special set of tools that, like its name suggests, is designed specifically for Flare Beads. The set includes a Bead Crimper and a Bead Opener.

The Bead Crimper is revolutionary, because it closes a Flare Bead in only one squeeze. This tool is quite simple - the small divot molds the bead into a secure U shape. Sometimes you may want to crimp a bead twice for extra security, but gone are the days of crimping ever Flare Bead three times!

When it’s time to remove Flare Beads, grab the Bead Opener. This tool features two small pincers that slide into each end of the bead. The pincers gently open up the bead, making it loose enough to slide off the hair strand.

These tools are both titanium-plated and made of a durable, reliable stainless steel. The double spring makes for smooth, strong crimping and releasing, keeping your hands feeling great no matter how many strands you install.

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