Donna Bella’s new Flat-Tip extensions are exceptionally easy-to-use, pairing the best of I-Link and Tape-In installations for a tailored hair extension experience. But how do they feel, exactly, when they’re installed in someone’s hair? Do they feel different? We asked some early adopters for their opinions, and here are the trends we found in their responses:

Flat-Tip extensions are supremely comfortable, even to the point where users forget that they were wearing hair extensions at all. This is because Flat-Tip extensions move easily within the hair and rest flat against the head, making for 24/7 comfort and a natural feel.

The dual nature of Flat-Tip means that these extensions function as both strands and wefts, and are able to adapt seamlessly to any situation. When you’re moving, the hair behaves like a strand, moving fluidly and beautifully with you. When you’re sitting still or lying down, the hair behaves like a weft, laying totally flat and smooth.

With all their comfort and adaptability, we think it’s safe to say that Flat-Tip extensions behave the same way as your natural hair. They move like your hair, lay like your hair, and—most importantly—they feel like your hair. No wonder our respondents said they forgot they were wearing extensions! Until you look in the mirror and see all that fabulous hair!

Learn more about Flat-Tip by watching this introduction video, then head over to our website to try them out for yourself! They’re available right now, and we’d love to hear what you have to say about them!