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Weddings are a constant feature of the Spring-Summer seasons. They bring beauty and romance not only to the wedding party and their guests, but also to our Instagram feeds, runways, and salons! While we know that using hair extensions for wedding styling services can be profitable (and fun!), sometimes it can be difficult to “push” the product without sounding...well, pushy.

Here at Donna Bella, we want you to have as easy a time as possible selling your hair extension services to new clients, and incorporating hair extensions into new situations and services, as this will benefit your business, our business, and likely your clients’ lives. So today, we’re providing you with some savvy salesmanship tips and strategies to help you overcome your fear of hair extension marketing, with some help from Donna Bella pro stylist Stephanie Hodges (@stephhstyles)!

Build Ready-to-Wear hair extensions into your service menu as a potential add-on.

Stephanie’s #1 tip for marketing hair extensions for weddings is to let the subject come up organically. “I never push. When a client is feeling thin or is wishing they had more length—that is a great time to plant the seed of hair extensions.” There are many ways to “plant the seed” where it can sprout up on its own. For example, if you feature a menu of services anywhere in your salon, make a note indicating that hair extensions—and perhaps particularly Ready-to-Wear extensions—can be incorporated into that service for an additional price.


Advertise extensions' ability to add styling potential and flexibility to a look.

One of the top selling points of hair extensions for weddings is the vast range of styles that they make possible. Stephanie agrees. “What’s nice is that you can give the guest the angelic hair they’ve always wanted for their special occasion, and then they can have the hair on hand for other events.” To highlight this fact, consider playing videos demonstrating various styles in which hair extensions can be arranged. This could be on an iPad at your station, or on larger screens throughout the salon. Alternatively, host occasional demonstrations for your clients as a way to educate them about the breadth of your services. Recruit a model for this demonstration by offering them a special discount on the service, and relish the opportunity to show off your skills to your clients (and their guests!).

Compile and showcase a tailored portfolio for wedding updos that utilize hair extensions.

Chances are that you already carry a hair extension before & after portfolio, as well as a portfolio for other services that you offer in your salon. If not, when compiling a portfolio of updo styles and hair compositions, consider including a section just for your hair extension for wedding photos. In Stephanie’s experience, when hair extensions are brought to a client’s attention, they tend to react with “curiosity and a desire for more information.” Give them the opportunity to develop this interest by showcasing your hair extension styling work in a dedicated format.


Wear hair extensions in elaborate updos yourself.

The best subtle advertisement you can make for your hair extension for wedding services is a long, full mane of extended hair on your own head! Not only does this show off the quality of the hair and the possibilities for coloring and styling, but it also demonstrates your commitment to the products you carry and your belief in their value. Clients are most receptive to hair extensions when they are recommended by someone they trust, and personal usage is certainly a form of recommendation! When your client inevitably asks about your hair, or compliments your look, seize the opportunity to describe the hair extensions and your experience with them. “You always let the guest lead the way,” clarifies Stephanie. “Then simply say, have you ever thought about hair extensions?”


Offer a discount for bridesmaids' hairdos.

According to Stephanie, “the biggest reservations clients face [in regards to hair extensions] are the maintenance and cost.” Tackle these potential deterrents up front by offering enticing deals on the cost of the service or product. For wedding season in particular, this could involve a discount for bridesmaids’ hairdo styling when the bride utilizes extensions, or even a simple referral bonus to reduce the cost of maintenance appointments (in the case of professional hair extensions). Make sure that you’re up-front with the price in order for the value of these discounts to be appreciated. “I always give the guest all of the pros and cons before we ever install extensions,” adds Stephanie. If they know how much they’re likely to save on a service, chances are they’ll feel a lot better about the investment overall!


As with any skill, marketing your hair extension services for different seasons and occasions will get easier (and more effective) with continued practice. Stephanie explains it this way: “I think the more you grow as a craftsman the more confident you become at recommending a service. This is just like any other service. If you believe in it and how it will benefit the guest, marketing comes from an authentic place just like highlights or recommending a particular shampoo. It just happens and the guest can feel your confidence and know you’re coming from a good place.”

For more hair extension for wedding styling inspiration, check out our Ready-to-Wear YouTube page and Pinterest Boards. Many thanks to Stephanie Hodges for offering her advice and expertise! You can learn more about her hair extension practice by visiting her Instagram page today!

Stephanie Hodges