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We’ve got our eyes on you, Tape-In. In the last few weeks, Donna Bella has introduced a number of products designed to streamline the Tape-In move-up process, leaving stylists with more time and less mess on their hands than ever before. Get acquainted with a few of our new offerings, and get ready to simplify your move-ups!

Styrofoam Mannequin Head and T-Pins
When taking out hair extensions, it’s very easy to lose track of where they’re meant to go back on the head, thereby ruining your beautiful blending job for re-install. These products are designed to fix that. Now, as you’re removing your Tape-In wefts, you can simply pin them to the corresponding area of the Styrofoam Mannequin Head. Easy-peasy, and no extra blending required!
Check out this video demonstrating this time-saving method!

Cream Cleanse™ Shampoo and Conditioner
Part of our new Remy Care™ line, the Cream Cleanse™ Shampoo and Conditioner are the perfect hair care combo for cleaning tape residue and Tape-In Bond Remover from hair before re-installing those Tape-In extensions. Both of these products contain clarifying agents, meaning they deeply and effectively cleanse hair so that no dirt or grime is left behind, but they’re also color-safe, paraben-free and sulfate-free, yet gentle enough to preserve shine and scalp health. Your tape will stick more easily and durably to clarified hair, so we recommend this combo for both the client’s hair and the extension wefts themselves. Just be sure to use the Cream Cleanse™ Conditioner from the mid-shaft to ends, only! That way you’ll keep the root area bare and the ends soft and manageable at the same time.

Have you gotten your hands on these new products yet? If so, let us know how you like them! You can leave a review from the product page itself, or read up on existing reviews right here.