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Part 1: I-Link

When tightening extensions, unclamp each bead and remove the extension from hair. Organize each extension strand upon removal so that you can reattach each strand in the same position as before. Set them out on a table and even label if you have to. The most important thing is to keep the strands organized.  When you reinstall the strands, place each one in the same place it was before. This will ensure that you will not have to reblend the extensions all over again.

Taking out all the extension strands at once is important because it gives your client’s hair a chance to relax for a few minutes. Wash and clean the hair before reinstalling for a fresh start.

Remember to never reuse the beads. Once they’ve been crimped and uncrimped, they’re not as strong and are more likely to fall out.

Touch up appointments are the time to address any questions or concerns your client has. It's an ideal time to examine your clients hair and check for signs of distress. If there are huge bald spots or matting, suggest the proper course of action for your client. It’s your responsibility to protect the health of her hair. Help her know how to properly care for her extensions so her hair and scalp with be healthy and look amazing.

In our next segments, we'll cover how to adjust other methods of hair extensions.

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