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Part 2: Tape-In

When removing tape, never force it. If the tape isn’t sliding out of the hair easily, add more bond remover.

Once the tape has been used, we don’t recommend you reuse it. Donna Bella sells replacement tape that makes reusing wefts possible. Before applying the replacement tape, make sure there is no residue from the original tape. Wash the extension and make sure the hair is dry and place the replacement tape on the top of the weft.

But if you can successfully get the tape undone and the adjustment made, the tape will hold for a while, but not as effectively as the first time it was applied. Often it’s easier to use replacement tape.

Make sure to wash and clarify your client’s hair before reapplying the extensions. Taking out all the extension strands at once is important because it gives your client’s hair a chance to relax for a few minutes. Wash and clean the hair before reinstalling for a fresh start.

Make sure to address any questions or concerns your client has. Adjustment appointments are an ideal time to examine your clients hair and check for signs of distress. If there are huge bald spots, or matting, suggest the proper course of action for your client. It’s your responsibility to protect the health of her hair. Help her know how to properly care for her extensions.

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