As the weather gets increasingly more frightful, many seek the sun and sand of a tropical vacation to soften those debilitating winter blues. A question we got often here at Donna Bella is how well extensions, particularly Tape-In extensions, hold up to the beach-side rigors of a vacation (sand, sun, salt water...all that jazz) and how best to maintain them.

The truth is, tropical vacations do come with their own share of hair extensions challenges, but with just a little bit of simple care and maintenance, you can soak up some rays and avoid wrecking your hair, no matter what extensions method you use.

Soaking your hair with fresh water before swimming in the ocean helps offset salt water damage. Hair extensions are dryer than your natural hair, meaning they’ll soak up water much more quickly. If they’re already saturated with fresh water, they’re less likely to absorb more salt water, which can damage extensions in excessive amounts.

For those worried about matting or tangling, braids are a simple solution. While french braids are ideal, any braid that keeps hair in place and out of the way will do. Additionally, putting some leave-in conditioner directly into the hair upon leaving the water, and gently combing it out,  goes a long way in keeping hair from tangling and matting.

Finally, using a shampoo that has an SPF will protect your hair from any potential sun damage.

Follow these basic steps and guidelines to keep your extensions in tip top shape while you chase away those winter blahs. Bon Voyage!