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There’s no escaping cowlicks. Everyone has them. That whorl on the top of your head is a cowlick, but many people have them on their foreheads or on the nape of the neck. When a section of hair grows in a different direction than all the other hair around it, styling can be a big pain.

Cowlicks have been an issue as long as people have had hair (and that's a long time), and even though we have tons of hair styling technology, people are still struggling with them today. Believe it or not, people do get plastic surgery to get cowlicks removed, but you shouldn't need to go to such extremes. You can tame it on your own!

There are two main ways to control a cowlick. Either have long hair or really short hair. Long hair is weighed down so the hair doesn’t stick straight up or out. Short hair helps curb cowlick unruliness because there isn’t enough hair to be noticeable.

There are other ways to take control of your cowlicks, though.

If you don’t want to take the scissors to your hair, there are ways to work around it. A cowlick on your front hairline can mean it’s difficult to have straight across fringe bangs, but side swept bangs might work perfectly, and keep hair out of your face.

To get your cowlick to behave, aim a blow dryer right on the roots, and once it’s in position, pin it down until it cools. You can also straighten the cowlick section forward and down and finish off with a hairspray with extra hold.

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