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Just because it’s 10 degrees below zero, that doesn't mean that fashion and style have to take a back seat.  Your hair can still look beautiful and healthy if you take some extra steps to protect it.

It’s important to keep hair moisturized and healthy. Heaters can dry out the air and leave your hair thirsty and brittle. Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain sulfates. You can also try coconut and Argan oils to revitalize dry ends. Make sure to keep your hair clean, though. If you try to moisturize dirty hair, the moisture cannot enter the inner cortex of hair--and that’s where it matters most.

Don’t go out into the cold with wet hair. Not only will you be miserably cold, but wet hair can actually freeze and then break. This is not pleasant.

When you’re going out in the cold, try protective hairstyles like braids and buns. These styles are especially great under hats that might otherwise cause matting and tangling.

Hold off on heat tools, and as always, use a heat protectant and the lowest heat setting possible when styling.

What you put into your body can help your hair stay moisturized, too. Eat foods with lots of healthy fat such as avocados, salmon, and olive oil. Most of all--drink lots of water! Your skin will thank you too!

As you’re hitting the slopes and drinking hot cocoa, your hair doesn’t have to be suffer. Stay warm!