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As kids, we all loved browsing the pages of the family "Guinness Book of World Records" and I clearly remember the lady with the crazy long hair that wrapped down a staircase. Well, Alastair Galpin of New Zealand has decided that while that record is difficult to beat (because it would take a lifetime!), adding 5 meters (16.4 feet) of hair extensions to your head and keeping them in for 6 weeks would be better.

Attaching 5 meters of hair is no laughing matter though, and has serious safety concerns for the record breaking hopeful:

I really have to be careful with it for reasons beyond the norm. For instance, if it was to get hooked in any machinery or if it got caught in a bus door or something, I could be dragged down the road by my hair and break my neck.

Keep an eye on this space and we'll let you know how Alastair is doing as we learn more. To read the original story, click here.