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This month's BSB article examines the lucrative and growing hair goods industry. According to the article, "There’s still a lot more money to be made in the ever-growing and highly profitable hair goods category." With the assumption that the industry is for 20 somethings and teens, one leaves out the huge potential adult, nearly retired market: baby boomers. The article examines how the hair goods industry has presented extensions, wigs, clip-ins, and other real hair products as a quick fix product for older consumers.

Here's a bit of the article by Victoria Wurdinger:

At last year’s American Music Awards you could count the female presenters who didn’t wear their natural hair. Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria and the Pussycat Dolls were just a few who opted for extensions, assuring that thousands of teens and twenty-somethings would be clamoring for them the day after the show.

But the hair goods move from the medical realm to the fashion world wasn’t spurred by the young and famous alone. Baby boomers view hair goods as problem solvers, not only to add volume but also to accommodate busy lives and speedy style changes. Feeling younger than ever, today’s fifty-somethings are adding extensions for super length and, in a modern twist, are wearing their own hair longer and using faux locks for a one-off, sassy, new short style.

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