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It seems that all countries have their own ways of paying for road improvements. While America, and most others, take money from our paychecks to fund the rebuilding of our cities, Burma takes donations. Donations of hair that is. Specifically the central city of Mandalay.

Monks have been overseeing the donation of the hair of close the to 30,000 women, some as long as 4 feet. The donations are in an effort to make money to repair the roads and build new bridges surrounding the Alaungdaw Kathapha pagoda. [The pilgrimage site said to contain the remains of Buddha's disciples.] As of now, access to the pagoda is very limited. As some sections can only be reached by foot or by elephant.

One part of the repaired roads will be called "Shwe Hsan Nwe bridge," or "Bridge of Golden Tresses".

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