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Well, our final bead posts is here, and while we’re sad the day has come, we’re always excited to highlight one of our premium hair extension products. Here’s a quick point by point guide exploring the features of silicone beads, and what you can use them for.


Silicone beads are actually made of aluminum, a soft metal. Their name comes from the supple silicone coating that’s inside the beads, which lends them a smooth and soft hold that won’t fade or rust. Like all I-Link extensions, you can use the Donna Bella hair extension tool and the Loop Tool  for a smooth and easy installation process.

Gentle and versatile

Silicone beads have a gentle hold that’s ideal for any hair type, when installed correctly.


Silicone beads feature all the standard I-Link traits like strand-by-strand, a secure hold, and a full range of motion, ideal for any hairstyle.


The soft silicone lining makes Silicone beads safe and secure, for a strong hold with minimal slippage, when installed correctly.

 More Resources

For more information on beads, extensions and any of those pesky issues that comes with installation, please consult our other helpful blogs on the subject, or contact us directly! We’re happy to help answer any questions!