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Whether you’re getting ready for work, freshening up for a girl’s night out, or staying in with some much needed (and well-deserved) “me-time,” you can feel your best by looking your best. We at Donna Bella are excited to introduce you to our newest method in hair extensions--Hybrid Wefts--the next innovation in the industry. This method is specially tailored to fit any style from all-natural to full-blown glam!

What are Hybrid Weft Extensions?

Say hello to Hybrid Wefts and say goodbye to bad hair days! We’ve combined the seamless blend and comfort of a Hand Tied Weft and the long-lasting durability of a Machine Bonded Weft, so you are guaranteed to get the best of both worlds in hair extensions.

Naturally bold has a new name: Hybrid Wefts! With the use of no adhesives, each weft is securely sewn onto a track of silicone beads for a seamless blend that gives full movement.

When it comes to styling these extensions, the sky’s is the limit! From new styles to iconic looks, you can achieve it all with its customizable design! Each weft can be cut to fit perfectly in your natural hair. Wear it up in a high pony, thick braid, without any wefts peeking out, or bouncy curls that would make any mermaid jealous. Whether you’ve just walked out of the salon or getting ready to face the day, with Hybrid Weft extensions, you’ll be sure to create red carpet hair moments! 

Why choose Hybrid Weft Extensions?

Although other weft extension products offer amazing benefits like a seamless blend and less shedding, Hybrid Wefts bring the exact same perks and more! Check out the benefits of our latest extension method:

    • Combines the best of worlds. Since Hybrid Wefts are a combination of handcrafted wefts and machine bonded, you can get the instant length, volume, and a seamless look with these flat-lying extensions. 
    • Full movement for the win! Let your luscious locks flow freely whenever, wherever. 
    • Comfortable AND luxurious. Hybrid Wefts lay flat on your head for a smooth and seamless blend.
    • Can you say VA-VA-VOLUME? Hybrid Wefts lay flat on the head allowing the option to stack up to three wefts in one row. 
    • Worth your time! This method offers a long-lasting wear with suggested maintenance every  6-8 weeks.
    • No chemicals and no adhesives. The machine bond holds the extensions securely in place without compromising the integrity of the hair. 
    • Made just for you! For your perfect fit, Hybrid Wefts are completely customizable. Just cut the weft to the appropriate size and voilà, your own style made a reality! 
  • Variety of lengths and colors. Achieve long hair with 18” and 22” options, plus your choice of 18 colors!

  • The Donna Bella Difference

    We want you to embrace your natural beauty with passion and confidence. And you can get exactly that with hair extensions! Like everything we create, you can trust our newest method is of the highest quality. 

    All Donna Bella Hair extensions are carefully handled by experts through the sorting, cleaning and coloring process. They are also crafted with 100% Remy Human Hair to give you the ultimate freedom to wear them however you want. Whether it’s up or down, curled or straight, don’t be afraid to show them off!

    Are you thinking this is too good to be true? SAME! But it’s real, it’s happening, and we can’t wait to see how good they’ll look on you.