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Some trends come and go, but few can claim to have been popular for over 5000 years. In this case, the age old trend is a type of hair extension weave recently discovered in a tomb in Egypt. The mummy's hair had weaved into its own hair long strands and it's been discovered that the hair types match. This means the Egyptian fashionista must have grown her hair out, cut it, grown it out some more, then had her cut hair weaved in. Genius.

Director of Hierakonpolis (the site where the millenia old weave was discovered), Renee Freidman, noted:

“In ancient Egypt if one lived to be really old, like 70, they made you a local saint, so old age was respected no doubt for the knowledge and memory that person had (in a society where most people were dead by 35-40), but clearly looking one's age has never been the in thing in life or death.”

So keep it up ladies! This age old tradition has never (well, maybe) been more popular than today.