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By the age of 60, two thirds of men are effected by hair loss. But currently scientists have made some big steps towards finding a possible cure in the near future, and all because of some mice.

Its called the Sox21 gene. In the past it has been linked to the development of nerve cells. But more recently scientists have discovered it also functions in hair retention. As in, keeping hair from falling out. Mice, like us humans, carry the Sox21 gene. Researchers discovered that mice start to loose the hair on their heads within 15 days of birth, if they block the activity of this particular gene. And that the mice would be completely bare within a week.

The average person looses about 100 to 150 hairs a day, just through natural shedding. And typically these hairs start growing back right away. The theory is that as men get older, The Sox21 stops functioning. Which means men's hair starts to fall out faster. Much faster then it can regrow.

Researcher hope this new found information can help them discover what men will most likely be victim to hair loss, which means they can prevent it before it starts. As for the men who are already starting to bald, hold on tight, they are working hard to find you a cure!

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