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There are stylists all over the world who would love to learn some of your best-kept secrets. You know what I mean, those little tips about hair extensions that you’ve figured out through trial and error. Now is your chance to get some international attention by passing along your favorite ideas and writing a guest post for the Donna Bella Blog.

How many times have you discovered a styling trick that saves you time, creates a fantastic new look, or improves your business, and you’ve said to yourself, “Why didn’t they teach me that in beauty school?” It happens to everyone. Most of us end up becoming pros from hard work and on-the-job training, not from weeks and weeks of classroom supervision.

I’ll bet that you learned more in your first week of real-life customer care, clipping, and styling than you did in your first semester of school. Rolling up your sleeves so to speak, and “doing” is always the best way to learn. There is an old saying that we “learn to do by doing”. How true is that!

So now that you’ve been working as a hair care professional for a while, what words of wisdom would you pass along to other stylists? What has made you as successful as you are? Customer service ideas, marketing campaigns, the way you hold the extension tools, or application methods that have given customers a celebrity runway look.

Whatever it is, you can now pass along those tips and tricks and get your name in print by way of the Donna Bella Hair Blog.

Here’s how you do it? Just create a Word Document with your ideas and suggestions. Attach the document to an email. Email the article to and type the words Guest Post in the subject line. Our staff will review the material and notify you if your material has been accepted for publication.

Articles should be 300 to 600 words in length and relate to some aspect of the hair extension business. Stylists are especially encouraged to share thoughts about what has helped their extension business take off and expand. Be sure to put your name, address, and contact information, including telephone at the beginning of the article.

That’s all there is to it. Publish tips for a world-wide audience and get your name in print. It will be a great boost to your business when customers know that you contribute to Donna Bella’s Hair Extension Blog.

Logan is founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and lashes and author of the Donna Bella weblog.